Big Data is fast changing the way individuals and companies think and interact with the world. In an age gripped by the Internet of Things (IoT), more people than ever are connected to the Internet via a stunning variety of devices. Because of this, Big Data is everywhere, providing endless information on different topics. According to an article from CustomerThink, access to big data is also changing the way marketing teams direct their ads toward potential consumers.

What is Big Data, and how is it used?

Big Data refers to large sets of data comprised of many sets of smaller data. On the surface, it is hard to determine what to do with such a large volume of different types of data, but if analyzed in the right way with specialized staff and technology, big data can help identify trends among the different types of data, assisting businesses in making important decisions.

In the marketing industry, advertisements are traditionally created by estimating what motivates potential customers, then making an emotional appeal to those people through billboards, TV commercials, and news advertisements. However, analyzing big data is changing the way many marketing teams are targeting customers. Through avenues such as social media and purchase histories, businesses today are collecting enormous amounts of data about customers. By analyzing possible trends and relationships between these types of data, marketers are more equipped than ever to create advertisements catered to the individual.


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