The future of Big Data has arrived influencing every industry including science, business, and medicine. The value Big Data provides is being able to make decisions in real-time. This means that industries will move faster and smarter to find and make decisions almost automatically. Think about the accuracy and the speed this will generate for society in general, the world that could practically run itself.

Big Data is measuring everything

There is no time to waste for organizations that want to keep up; the possibility of measuring everything is now possible with the use of Big Data, smart computers, sensors, IoT and the Internet. Sorting through this massive amount of data can give us measurable answers to almost anything.

In the medical field, this data has helped determine a normal and healthy heartbeat for premature babies. It turns out a healthy heartbeat for them is one that is irregular and not stable.

Companies are adopting Big Data more than ever before

A recent survey by New Vantage Partners shows that the top companies have increased their use of Big Data in the last few years by 58%. Over half of these companies have now appointed a chief data officer.

Without Big Data, these companies will not be able to compete in the marketplace. To be competitive, they will have to access Big Data in real-time to make quick and almost automatic decisions. All companies will need to use big data to generate the correct data to succeed.

The health industry is being revolutionized by this amazing data phenomenon to cure diseases and help understand other medical conditions. With our mobile devices, cloud-based computing, and the IoT, this quick and smart technology of Big Data is creating a better and fascinating world.


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