Data sandbox may not be a term some are familiar with. When it comes to Big Data, it means a developmental and scalable platform companies use to explore data sets via collaboration and interaction. A data sandbox enables a company to realize its existing investment value as it relates to Big Data.

Data science teams are the ones that explore a data sandbox and acquire sandbox platforms from logical partitions or analytic stand-alone data marts within enterprise data warehouses. The best part about data sandbox platforms is that they offer the computing necessary for tech professionals like data scientists to handle frequently multifaceted analytical workloads.

eBay Inc. incorporates Big Data into its shopping and auction website. With over 300 million active items at any given time and over 100 million site users, data sandboxes act as a key component for the company and its efforts to maintain steady and reliable data analysis. In order to keep ahead of user demand, eBay Inc. has its own data analytics platform made up of a Teradata-based EDW or enterprise data warehouse allowing the company the ability to store a separate ‘deep storage’ and structure transaction data. The platform is named Singularity and holds semi-structured information containing analyses of site user behavior plus other types of machine-generated text and information.

Along with EDW, eBay grants it employees ‘data sandboxes’ of 100 GB of space to enable room to play in. These analytics sandboxes are user-controlled and walled-off allowing for experimentation of separate data. This kind of experimentation can lead to advanced analytic models and development of other significant intellectual property. Data sandboxes allow the growth of the most valuable resource in any company using Big Data, talented people along with better management of Big Data.



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