IoT data is collected through smartphones, sensors, video, audio and other means for a range of purposes. Most of those purposes are best met when data is live streamed. Why? Because live streamed data is suited for situations where change must occur rapidly in response to real-world scenarios. Some of these scenarios include traffic management, retail, and energy industries like oil and gas.

What follows are some of the benefits resulting from live streaming data ingestion.

Real World Benefits

case study of traffic conditions in Moreno Valley, California clearly shows the benefits of live streaming data. As the city’s population grew, traffic became an environmental problem as well as a livability issue. The city began building

an effective and accessible video and data ecosystem, combining edge-capture devices and cloud-based software…Devices include high-definition video cameras with analytics, plus intelligent gateways for external sensor data, third-party video integration and live streaming.

City officials credit the system for allowing them to monitor traffic flow “on the fly” and make adjustments as needed during traffic-heavy holidays, special events and construction.

Ingesting the Live Stream

One of the challenges inherent to live streaming data is the speed with which the data is ingested. Historically, if you didn’t have the infrastructure in place to accommodate live streaming, then you simply couldn’t benefit from the onslaught of data. You would not have been able to analyze it fast enough. Fortunately, cloud platform technology is capable of solving this issue.

Recently, developments have been made that facilitate the streaming of data without relying on  established “data piping and processing infrastructure.” Without the need to focus on infrastructure, users are able to rapidly analyze data.

Other advances are being made in the area of analysis, with some technologies capable of live streaming analysis alongside data live streaming. In situations like emergency traffic conditions, or oil and gas production, rapid analysis and rapid data streaming are extremely beneficial.


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