According to Gartner Inc., one of the biggest trends for the future will be autonomous agents and things, which includes robots, vehicles and virtual personal assistants acting in an independent way. These machines will be getting smarter and someday doing a lot of the routine jobs of today.

Robots are evolving

Smart machines will have a growing near future impact and are software-based. These independent agents will act for us in the future as an intelligent app replacing the user interface that we use today. This technology will build as we go along in the next twenty years and robots will be doing more advanced jobs like doctors and pilots. Intelligent machines and software today are using Big Data to develop and perform complicated tasks like never before.

Big Data and intelligent machines

When you think of robots, most people will envision a machine that has some resemblance to us humans, but in reality, most of these smart machines are being used now in many industries. The power of Big Data analytics is used to develop these intelligent machines with the collection of structured and unstructured data that can make these machines perform at the highest level.

Jobs using intelligent machines now

There are already many occupations that are using data analytics to perform their jobs including doctors, pilots, architects, marketing , and financial services.

Doctors and healthcare

Doctors today are using computers to do a bigger percentage of their jobs. They use large databases of medical information to make better decisions. Surgeons already use automated robotic systems to perform some procedures.

Johnson&Johnson has developed a machine that administers low levels of anesthesia automatically without the need for an anesthesiologist.

The future of robots will play a bigger role than we could ever imagine. With the help of Big Data, robots can perform the role of a doctor making a diagnosis more accurate than any medical specialist. The robot will do this by scanning your body and with a huge library of information collected from Big Data proceed with a cure. There is an amazing future utilizing Big Data in all aspects of our big world.




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