Many establishments have information around them that is not being put to use, yet it is a resource that can help them beat the competition around them. Some of the ways you can achieve the most from such data are;

Database marketing

Data sourced from sales information, questionnaires, survey, and subscriptions are very instrumental in creating a database. Once created, continuous updates on this database will help you realize products that will sell naturally and from details on the database; you will be able to pinpoint your target customers clearly to achieve this.

Market segmentation

Data mining will help you classify customers accordingly as per their age, occupation, gender or even income. Over and above this it will also help you discover others who are targeting the same clients you are focusing on other than those you already know.

Customer retention

The market is full of suppliers that are offering the same services you are offering and as a result, price wars are inevitable. This may cause you to lose most of your clients to competitors offering low prices. However, data from social media will help you analyze your competitors keenly to help you maintain you customer volume and keep it growing as well.

Sales forecasting

Without a doubt, data is a great tool when it comes to predicting the future of any business and using this tool, you can determine when your clients are likely to place another order after the previous one, products or services that customers do not need.


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