In every business, the customer is king, and that is why most companies invest in better methods and ways to understand their clients. That approach ensures that they avail what their customers require at the right time. That is the core essence of data enrichment, which helps improve customer insight, and promotes advanced consumer profiling and targeting efforts. Through data enrichment, you can append industry-leading data on clients, and prospect records in real-time and here are details of what it is all about.

How it works

The data enrichment software verifies data including name, email, phone number and address, and this tool enhances the record you find for incomplete and missing details. That happens by appending multiple data attributes in line with the address data. Attaching information from IP addresses is also possible, which will provide details on consumer lifestyle segments, demographics and auto market statistics, through Geo location data.

Data varieties available

Data enrichment avails a broad range of data, which includes Geo location data, which gives a better understanding of target visitors on an individual or household level through the use of IP addresses. It also avails consumer data, to help identify demographic groups and trends by use of profiling tools, and business data that helps append business information to business records that are in your possession.

Features of data enrichment

Some of the features of data enrichment are flexible implementation options, access to a comprehensive marketing database, a wide variety of consumer attributes, and support of data consultants.


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