Artificial Intelligence is a great resource today. While it was out of reach for most app developers in the past, now opportunities exist that make it possible to apply this approach in mobile app development. A developer program that includes Java, Scala, JavaScript, Python, among others allows you to develop mobile apps and here is how Artificial Intelligence applies in this case.

Natural language understanding

Natural Language Understanding allows smartphones and other devices to receive direct input. This concept applies to Artificial Intelligence, and that is where app designers start. Siri by Apple and Google Now are great examples of how Natural Language Understanding works, and in addition to that, a cloud-based server is available that allows you to create natural language interfaces, even if you only have basic knowledge in programming.

Development of smarter apps

Creation of smart apps aims to ensure continuous movement of data amidst changes in context. By use of machine learning techniques, artificial intelligence helps to birth smart applications, when you embed it into a traditional app. This helps to unearth a new experience for users of mobile devices with smarter apps, which assists to withdraw the belief that we have data shut up somewhere.

Building a collaborative community

The Internet continues to experience various improvements since the change from the use of static Web pages to the use of browser-based tools. The same trend applies to the development of apps, as data scientists seek to provide value for developer groups through advanced software. Therefore, in future, you expect integration of Artificial Intelligence with data to scale higher heights.


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