Artificial intelligence has pervasively propelled the business market in areas of decision-making. The need for faster and smarter decisions has made big data companies merge AI and big data to produce something that is casually called “big data intelligence.” The future of artificial intelligence and big data looks bright in the following ways:

No future for big data without AI 

As more and more data become generated each day, sorting out huge chunks of data might soon prove impossible for ordinary human-computer skills. In such a scenario, AI will prove helpful in extracting, sorting and analyzing the big data to derive clear and sensible results.

Running of Internet of Things

In the future, running a massive global network that deals in capturing, distributing and storing data such as internet of things without an outstanding smart brain could prove impossible for the average human mind. AI convergence with big data will enable the smooth running of the internet of things as it’s predicted that even the sensors running the internet of things will be AI enabled.

Enhanced big data analytics    

Capturing data and extracting its meaning is not an easy task. For many organizations, big data analysis functions as a way to learn patterns of procedures to enable prediction, but extracting the meaning of data has always posed a challenge. AI will work to extract the meaning of data, determine better outcomes and enhance decision-making derived from huge chunks of data. This feature could shape up the global market, which is in desperate need for mechanisms to extract the meaning of data. Monetization of data will also get a boost with AI coming on board.


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