Machine learning remains one of the major innovations in the business world. While helping businesses in analytics and trend predictions, machine learning incorporates features like artificial intelligence to aid in data analytics. The recent advancements in technology haven’t left machine learning behind.  Some of the developments expected of machine learning in the future include:

Use of location-based services to capture data            

Location based services achieve about 60% of the data and analytics. Analysts predict more opportunities for businesses that use geographical-based data to track assets, teams, and customers across diverse locations to generate more insight and improve efficiency.

Increased potential for predictive analysis    

Using various types of case studies collected over time, analysts predict a future where machine learning gains increased potential in predictive analysis and forecasting of businesses. This feature will benefit businesses in various ways, such as studying the market patterns and identifying the areas that are profitable or have a higher potential to increase efficiency.

Cloud-hosted intelligence    

Machine learning will shift attention to cloud, thus allowing analysts to sort, analyze and extract data in more efficient ways than conventional methods that required an intense amount of effort to sort through huge chunks of data. This feature will cut on the infrastructure and deliver more scaled and accurate results.

Driverless cars    

The manufacturing industry is slowly warming up to the idea of driverless cars which in essence is a practical example of machine learning at work. Many manufacturers have always envisioned a future with motorized vehicles and airplanes. Machine learning will make it possible in the long run.


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