Back in the early 90s, when movie producers made movies with a lot of sci-fi, nobody imagined how quickly that could come to pass. So much has happened in less than three decades. According to tech experts, in ten years from now, we will talk to robots representing different organizations from the comfort of our homes.

For the average shopper, shopping experience will change drastically with the advent of artificial intelligence robots that can interact with customers at different avenues with the new integrated shopping system predicted for the future.

With the millennial age coming along, robots will take over the bulk of the work since Millennials do not have a problem talking to bots, unlike the older generation. And while the robots will most probably take over sales in enterprises, it does not necessarily mean that human efforts are not needed. People will work with the bots to increase scalability when it comes to building up of language formats only humans can decode such as sarcasm or humor.

According to market experts, the introduction of artificial intelligence robots will not make people lose their jobs, if anything, humans will interact with the bots and foster a symbiotic relationship between them. Humans will become more valued in the workplace since their co-existence with the bots will bring harmony and help improve productivity since each needs the other, the robots taking the mundane tasks while the humans are taking the complex tasks that require critical thinking or addition of emotion in considering the customer.


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