Data is becoming a key basis for competition. The amount of data within the world is limitless. Proper analysis is fueling exponential growth as well as earning companies a competitive edge. Countless companies are applying big data trends. IBM is a company offering cloud computing services for massive compute scale through its Soft-layer subsidiary.

IBM offers DB2, Informix, and Info-Sphere database software all supporting Big Data analytics. There is also an improvement in self-service data analytics through new platforms. The software blends data from multiple sources, analyzing and sharing it. Tera-data is using unified data architecture. The software provides seamless data fabrics across new and existing data analytics engines. Here are ways on how big data is impacting companies.

Revolution of old-school companies

Big Data is achieving tremendous effects in business from customer relations to supply chain operations.  Rolls Royce’s through the use of big data is influencing the aircraft engine manufacturing sector. Rolls-Royce is using Big Data analytics to assess chances of a breakdown by consistently monitoring over 3600 engines each having over hundreds of sensors.

It is giving birth to a new industry

Gathering data was historically done only for a particular purpose. Retailers were recording sales only for accounting purposes and raw materials records were for quality analysis. Currently, data no longer serves the initial purpose only. Companies are accessing vast amounts of information. This access is becoming a valuable asset. This asset is combining with data analysis to create a whole new industry.

Improving business regardless of size

Companies generating enormous amounts of data have the upper hand over their peers in competition. Tech giants such as Google continue to benefit from the sheer volume of data they generate. Big Data also helps level the playing field as it makes current trends available at low premiums. Call us now for more information.


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