In recent days, the IT industry has been experiencing the convergence of major trends in the digital landscape. However, one significant convergence that has intriguingly impacted the digital industry is of artificial intelligence and big data. Many researchers are eyeing the iconic change expected with the combination of the two.

The impact of artificial intelligence    

Artificial intelligence has seeped through into virtually every aspect of the internet and humans experience it without knowing it. It is normal to see your e-commerce provider platform generate recommendations for things to buy depending on your shopping patterns. Artificial intelligence uses your history to figure out and recommend things you might want.

What to expect from the convergence    

Application of big data analytic and machine learning is essential for many activities earlier confined to human labor. With the rate at which data gets generated, it’s impossible to see how all that data can get utilized without the use of an intelligent digital brain. It would make sense to say that artificial intelligence powers all the data processing activities, i.e., artificial intelligence enhances the effectiveness of data analysis and outcomes.

The future of the convergence    

While the two combine to work together, the future of business and industrial development hugely relies on artificial intelligence than data. While data is as important a component as AI, data relies on artificial intelligence to make sense and to gain meaningful interpretation and monetization. The primary benefit of this convergence is artificial intelligence will lead to simplified processes of day-to-day human activities that produce big data such as banks, finance sector, education sector, among other areas whose data can now get interpreted easily and accurately and in turn, simplify many social processes.


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