Humans have increasingly leaned on the use of technology for day-to-day activities including communication. One of the discussions going on in the world of communications is just how individuals and companies can detect the exact sentiments of people over communication devices. Sentimental analysis projects come in different groups based on knowledge-based statistical approach and hybrid knowledge-based sentimental analysis.

Sentimental analysis has impacted positively on social media where it is mostly used to detect the sentiments of individuals and their emotions through algorithms that make it easy to gauge the sentiments accurately. Organizations use sentimental analysis listening tools to measure and report on the tone or sentiment of their social media mentions. So, how does sentimental analysis impact positively on organizations’ social media?

Provision of social media insights    

Marketing teams can use sentimental analysis to gauge the reaction of their target market through assessing conversations on social media. By determining negatives and positive tones or statistics from the conversations, marketers can know where they are going wrong or where they need to improve. The social media insights are instrumental in improving marketing teams’ efficiencies.

Enhanced support in customer service    

One of the efficiencies stemming from the use of sentimental analysis is monitoring of sentiments. Through the monitoring, customer support service can detect dissatisfaction of customers and react immediately before other customers see the sentiments and elicit more complaints. The sentiments analysis works towards turning a negative customer experience into a positive one.

Informs corporate messaging    

For PR officials, they can use the sentimental analysis to gauge the reception of their target audience towards various corporate individuals in the company. By determining how the audience reacts to information about various corporate personnel, they can use the information to use the people with the most influence to build relationships including social media conversations.


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